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The Merge Freight Tracking Approach

August 31, 2022
Nick Collins

Tracking has long been the thorn in many shippers' sides, and brokers are notorious for not investing in the proper resources to ensure consistent and accurate tracking updates. That status quo is unacceptable in today's freight market, and Merge Freight is helping lead the charge toward open and transparent updates for all of our customers. We believe that simply bolting on tech or relying on busy reps to gather updates is not enough; instead, a multi-tiered approach of tech and people leads to success. Below, we break down our three-pronged system to ensure your loads are correctly and adequately tracked. 

Tech Tracking: 

Merge Freight partners with the premier tech tracking platforms that focus on in-app and ELD connectivity to gather tracking updates from our contracted carriers. We view these tools as a great snapshot to inform our customers and team members where their freight is at any time. 

Tracking Team: 

While tech tracking is a powerful tool, the human element cannot be overlooked. We have a team focused on touching base with our contracted carriers and drivers daily to ensure there haven't been any unforeseen issues during transit.

Account Reps: 

In addition to tech tracking and our tracking team, our account reps are ultimately responsible for understanding where your freight is and ensuring that it is on track to hit OTP/ OTD. These reps are your single point of contact, so there is no need to run all over the place looking for an update. Instead, they are here to simplify your life and keep your freight on track.

Merge freight's mission is to drive change in how relationships are built, and that starts with building trust. Ensuring that your shipments are accurately tracked and efficiently communicated is a critical piece of the trust-building process, and it's not one that we take lightly. So reach out today, and let's find a solution to your tracking needs! 

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